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    as well as the paperback,
    are both available to preorder now!

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    Thanks for all your continued support.

    Raising money for mental health charities, your chance to purchase
    this limited edition book.

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    Doctor Who and the Fescan Threat
    21.99 - 42.99
    An adventure book with over 2000 references in which you are the hero.

    You are the Doctor in one of his first 10 incarnations and have to prevent the ongoing menace of the fish people from Fesca.

    600 page A4 paperback.
    Coming soon

    Can you stop General Varzi's evil plan?

    Maybe these people can help you out.


    Venture to places very few have ever gone.

    600 pages and over 2000 choices make this bumper
    A4 sized adventure book a must buy.

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  • About the Project

    The Book

    The book was written by Christopher Samuel Stone as a challenge to himself to see if he could write an epic style "Fighting Fantasy" book. After almost ten years, it is complete and ready for its limited charity release.

    It is not endorsed by the BBC and Doctor Who remains their copyright. No infringement of their rights is intended

    The Author

    The author has previously written "The Ultimate Doctor Who Fan Quiz Book" for Thebes and compiled "The Unofficial Doctor Who Book Guide Vol.1" with a second volume due at the end of the year.

    The Charities

    The money was given to MIND.

  • FAQ

    There are 148 copies of this book.

    All profits made will go to MIND.

    The original printing of the book was in October 2016

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